An Elected Official & Promoter of Lumpinee Boxing Stadium Mr. Pramuk Rochannatan

To develop people under “Vision” that administrative should do the three things or three success things that should concern about Think, Relation and Work. So in any business especially boxing, boxing fan always ask an elected official Mr. Pramuk Rochannatan about “how you become a promoter of boxing”

Lumpinee Boxing Stadium had build on December 8, 1956 by business man who own of rice mill Shunhenglee Tanuamshonwad. Then he invites to the famous leader and owner of boxing gym to build Lumpinee Boxing Stadium to be a main boxing stadium.

In every December 10 the government has to celebrate “The Constitution Day” before that day in 1956 Mr. Kitti Uhchawanitch agree to rent some of land that under the king to build Lumpinee Boxing Stadium that have army captain Earb Sanglide , the army of division 1 to be first stadium master.


He has 12 of leader and owner of boxing gym become a member and committee who build Lumpinee Boxing Stadium that is

  1. Mr. Chaiyut Yontakit leader and owner of Yontakit boxing gym.
  2. Mr. Anake Saneewong na ayutaya leader and owner of Mahasalakhrm boxing gym.
  3. Mr. Chant Samitwade leader and owner of Samanachant boxing gym.
  4. Mr. Manu Sumpan Leader and owner of Luksurin boxing gym.
  5. Mr. Akom Sawamipak leader and owner of Chalernmuangboxing gym.
  6. Mr. Chay Sawaipak leader and owner of Sitponl boxing gym.
  7. Mr .Kasame Aermpinyol eader and owner of Sithiran boxing gym.
  8. Mr. Chalard Wongchap leader and owner of Kanongsuit boxing gym.
  9. Mr. Awut Rochannatan leader and owner of Pongsing boxing gym.
  10. Mr. Deach Milosar(Acha Nuntanit) leader and owner of Songdang boxing gym.
  11. Mr. Sili Adulnpijit leader and owner of Sor Bangkhorlame boxing gym.
  12. Mr. Tearmbund Intarabud lLeader and owner of Munkkorntorkarun boxing gym.

This is the way and makes Mr. Pramuk Rochannatan, young boy of Bangpakong River , have more experience and thought that one day he will be success and follow his older-brother step that is Mr. Awut Rochannatan one of member and committee who build Lumpinee Boxing Stadium. Mr. Pramuk Rochannatan was a young and strong man in that time and he success in his dream in first step in 1974, he open the boxing gym name is Luktalardmai at 71/1 mu. 5 tombon srawchangouk A. bankkhra, chachengsao. The famous boxer he had in that time was Kai-tong and Shut Luktalardmai they was the leader and expert that winner in Lumpinee stadium and Rajadamnern stadium that make boxing fan knew them and have people want to train in his gym much and more.

In 1986 he dream become true in next step that is become promoter and become more famous in boxing fan and admit by boxing social. In the same year he had change his gym name from “Luktalardmai” become ”Kiatpramuk” for his gym name look like his name.

In that time he had many famous boxers like Lukkorkpetch, Insee-leak, Chok-D, pornsawan, Cha-lee etc. that hard to fine boxer to fight with in the same weight. And Mr. Pramuk did for social and become famous; in 1987 the headman of a village number 5 had end-term so Mr. Pramuk become representative of his village and win so he become headman of a village in May 1, 1987 to April 8, 1989 an elected official had end-term so he representative for that and win. He become more famous and lovely from his people, also his boxing gym was peak.

In 1997 he had change his boxing gym name again from “Kiatpramuk” to “Por. Pramuk” that have a lot of boxing star in side in his gym “Chok-D, Pornsawan, Buakaw, Sarkarw , Pajonsi, Chamouktong, Kompayouk, Chatngung, Chattong, Numsuknoy Yuttakarnkumtorn and Tapepayut kiattiwanaram etc.

From high quality of boxing of a n elected official Mr. Pramuk, he had accepted by senior. In August 7, 1997 he become a promoter of Lumpinee Boxing Stadium and August10,1997 he got reward that for an excellent of a n elected official 1997 from the Ministry of the Interior that was a person who most success in official and for boxing gym are also success too, his gym had 10 of champion belts.

In 2002 he got rewards an excellent boxing gym from the Friendly Reporters' Association class 19. From now on his boxing gym have champion of PABA in class Minimum-Weight.

His way of lift was success in many things in boxing but it's not his gold of lift yet. He proud for what did he had done such as honor and become a famous of boxing that also for his family. So for boxing fan should look at his step that h will surprise himself, boxing fan and boxing. Look over through his gold in his life that can be true.

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