Trainer - Chokdee Por.Pramuk
Suvit Wongpratae
186F: 94W, 46KO, 35L, 11D
Lumpinee Stadium Champion 140 Lb. (2005-2006)
Trainer - Sonphikhat Detthawi
Sanit Samat
200F: 150W, 48L, 2D


Period/Cost/Person Training+Meal
+ Room(fan)
+ Room (air-conditioner)
1 Day 1,000 Baht 1,200 Baht
1 Week 6,500  Baht 7,800 Baht
1 Month 28,000  Baht 33,600 Baht
3 month 84,000  Baht 100,800  Baht 
6 month 168,000 Baht  201,800 Baht 
1 year 336,000 Baht 342,700 Baht

  • Sunday is a holiday , NO Training. Accomodation and food is half price.
  • Room will available for 2 persons (If you want to stay alone in the room, you must pay double price)
  • check-in time 12:00 noon
  • check-out time 12:00 noon
  • The transportation services fees is 2,000 B./ trip, from the airport or hotel to Porpramuk Gym. (The distance per one trip must be less than 100km. )
  • Training Cost will change Air-condition 1,200 baht, Fan room 1,000 baht . Start on 1 May 2010
  • For the room if you don't booking, it will not available.

Muay Thai Training
  • The gym have twice times on daily training  (except Sunday).
  • The first time in Morning from 5:30 - 9:00am.
  • The second time in  afternoon from 3:30 - 7pm. Our focus is on sure  your practice the proper Muay Thai techniques, particularly at the beginner levels until advanced. If you have the basic Muay Thai techniques our instructors are ready to take you encourage.

Typical Morning Muay Thai training schedule

  • Running
  • Warm-up skipping
  • Shadow boxing drills
  • Some kicking some punching.
  • Technical Muay Thai training workout
  • Grappling techniques
  • Overview discussion point out mistakes
  • Shadow box warm down
  • In the ring

Free weights

Incorporate the use of dumbbells into your Muay Thai training. It will help build strength.

Bag Work

Working on the bags will build power and stamina into your kicks and punches as well as toughen your body.

Pad Work

As you progress further in the art of Muay Thai boxing, you will learn to use the strikes learnt against Thai Pads. The Trainer wears a set of Thai pads, a stomach pad and shin guards which allows you to attack him as if he were an opponent. Full power striking of the Thai Pads is a tough part of Muay Thai training and an amazing workout. Pad work will develop your footwork, co-ordination and spatial awareness. Pad work is a very distinctive part of Muay Thai training.

Speed ball

Use of the speed and punching balls will increase your coordination and will help build the shoulders necessary to maintain a strong guard.

Grappling and Throwdowns

After demonstrating proficiency during Thai pads training, stand up grappling techniques practised with a partner provides the final bridge to sparring and fighting. During this part of Muay thai training you learn to control your opponent by trying to lock his arms or neck in a clinch. From this position it is possible to deliver the knees, or drop your opponent to the floor. This is also a very tough aspect of Muay Thai training. These drills are done at the end of each Muay Thai training session prior to the final shadow boxing warm down. Working with a partner you can apply the Muay Thai techniques you have learned in a realistic situation.


Once you have a comprehensive foundation in place you will be ready to participate in controlled sparring. At Horizon Thai Boxing Camp we have full protective gear available for use during Muay Thai training.

Muay Thai Training Tips

When you start, it is best to take things slowly and focus on proper body movements. Take your time and focus on perfecting the Muay Thai techniques being taught. This way you should avoid picking up poor training habits which may be difficult to correct later on. Muay Thai training is hard work and the art takes many years to master. You will need discipline to achieve a high level of proficiency and superior dedication is required to achieve success in the ring. Even so a very basic understanding of Muay Thai techniques is easily grasped and anybody can enjoy the benefits from Muay Thai training sessions. Whatever Muay Thai training routine you follow be realistic about your limitations and be patient. Everyone is different and it will take time for you to discover your individual strengths and then learn how to exploit those strengths and compensate for your weaknesses. Take at least one day off from your Muay Thai training every week. Don't eat a meal directly before a Muay Thai training session and always do some form of warm up and warm down. All Thai boxers enjoy regular massage. You should consider massage to help keep you supple and for relaxation. Avoid drinking excessive amounts of water during Muay Thai training sessions, it will adversely affect your training. Be careful though, not to become dehydrated in the heat. When training in Thailand we recommend rehydration drinks, as well as water, between training sessions, in order to replace the salts lost through sweating. Above all relax, and enjoy what you are doing. Try to approach your training with a sense of fun and levity. There are many variations to the Muay Thai techniques and styles depending upon the trainer, where he comes from and who his teachers were. Listen to your instructor, listen to your body and you will soon discover all that Muay Thai training has to offer you.

There are a number of websites that give you some good infromation about training muaythai, especially if you are interested in training muay thai in Thailand at a training camp.

Muay Thai Resources

There are a number of very good muay thai resources you should check out IF you are looking into training muay thai, either in Thailand or in your home country. Here are a few to check out: -- a great website that showcases the best high level muay thai fights

muaythaipros -- an upcoming website that offers muay thai training tips, muay thai gym reviews, nutrition and fitness advice for muay thai, etc. -- a quality website that offers discussions about muay thai.

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